sorry pete
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send me things to poorly draw pete doing yes ok good. i hope he doesn't find this blog ever and think poorly of me
hellboundsoul WOULD LIKE TO SAY:
Hey there! I tagged you on my follow forever x mishiacollins(.)tumblr(.)com/post/66725158662/i-switched-blogs-and-thought-it-would-be-cool-to

omg bless you this made my day

11 Nov 2013 1 note

sorry ive been lame about posting the last few days, its finals week and im scrambling (and sometimes my friends abduct me from my room to socialise- no joke last night they came to my door and when i answered it they grabbed me and made me put clothes on and took me away and this guy wouldnt let me leave his party until i finished my drink so when he wasnt looking i snuck out the door) so i will get back to it once i finish the paper i have due in a few hours if im not still too hungover to function

ps you guys have some fun ideas but i can draw things other than peterick lmao (cue someone leaving me some pikey suggestions bc otp)

07 Dec 2012 1 note



poor patrick

Yay, she did mine <3

i do them all :P (if a little slowly)

this one is one of my favourites tbh so thanks for the prompt :D

06 Dec 2012 petewentzdoingthings (VIA whatacatchpetey) 28 notes

am i the only one who ever notices how freaking obnoxious every single pair of petes shoes are

06 Dec 2012 7 notes

i keep forgetting to give patrick hair

05 Dec 2012 1 note

poor patrick

05 Dec 2012 28 notes

joshdundrums WOULD LIKE TO SAY:
sister blogs omg that sounds kawaii

yes thats cuz we are kawaii (◕‿◕✿)

everyone go follow my sister blog asap for more fun drawings of peen wentz doing things

05 Dec 2012 1 note

joshdundrums WOULD LIKE TO SAY:
i feel threatened refadwa

shh its ok we can both do our thing (yo we can even be sister blogs omfg)

tbh i was gonna do something else with this blog but lickmymccracken told me to draw pete so blame her

05 Dec 2012 1 note

joshdundrums WOULD LIKE TO SAY:
hey now

whoa i did not know this blog existed

05 Dec 2012 1 note

pete you are literally so creepy

05 Dec 2012 23 notes